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Beulah Raw Unfiltered Florida Honey, 22 Ounce

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Delicious, raw and unfiltered honey from several Florida floral varietals including orange blossom, gallberry, and prairie wildflower. This honey is harvested in rural areas around Gainesville, Florida.

About the honey:

Orange Blossom (Lake Wales, FL, Mar-Apr) Light, aromatic honey gathered in the citrus groves of central Florida (orange blossom is actually a citrus blend). Very fragrant and floral with a touch of black gum (aka black tupelo) for extra deliciousness.

Gallberry (Gainesville, FL, Apr-May) The quintessential honey, gallberry honey is a very mild honey, perfect for tea and baking. Gallberry is a shrub in the holly family that grows in the flatwoods around Gainesville. The delicate honey flavor will not overpower other flavors and, being locally produced, is great for allergies!

Wildflower (Gainesville, FL, Fall) Made right here on Gainesville’s own Paynes Prairie. This bold and robust honey is the perfect honey to eat for allergy relief as it contains a wide variety of local pollen. Mix in with some fresh squeezed lemon and grated ginger and feel the goodness.

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