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BULK Catnip | From the Field Catnip Leaf and Flower Jumbo Bag

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Get your hands on these Jumbo Bulk Catnip Bags! Perfect if you have a lot of cats at home, or make your own cat toys! Great deal!  This one is our popular all natural Catnip Leaf and Flower variety.

Leaf and Flower (Cut n Sift)
A very potent mixture of the leaves and flowers of the catnip plant, with a small amount of stems. Look for the little flowers (bell shaped) in the mix! Each Pistil (Bell) is the catnip plant natural envelope where most of the essential oil is stored!

The secret for cat toys is that if they are filled with leaf and flower, each bells stay intact, until a cat decides to bite the toy! At that point, the bell is crushed, and release a full blast of essential oil. That is why a cat will come back and back again to an old toy, because not all bells have been opened! In short, the more bells in the mix, the more potent and long lasting the catnip!

From The Field Leaf and Flower Catnip is well known for it’s higher bell content, that is the focus when they grow and harvest it!

Made and organically grown in USA!

Offered in a resealable Bag.
Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight.

Jumbo 9 ounce Bag
Bag size - 10 x 10 inches